Ana- 18" available in bronze
Tribute to Alvin Ailey-American Dancer-16"available in bronze

 "Pizzazz"   (This sculpture celebrates the true American art form, Jazz - 48" H)            



"Pizzazz" (rear view)



 "Ribbon Dancers" (27" H 17" W 12" D)

Surrounded by melody,suspended in mid air,musical notes transform the ribbons to music. Inscribed on the ribbons the final words to the  lyrics of the opera "Nessun Dorma".......Vincero!!, Vincero!! 



 "La Vita" (35" H)



"Sandy" (47"H)



"Ballerina"  (43" H)



"Nicole" (47" H)



"God of Dance" (14" H)



 "LeDanseur"(44"H)          "La Danseur" (44" H)



"Star" (15" H)


Tango in Tails -Available in bronze