Commissioning a Bronze portrait or monument.
What to expect:

1.  Franco Castelluccio will consult with client and discuss the following:

*Theme / pose  / image of bronze sculpture

*Placement of bronze sculpture

*Time frame for completing bronze sculpture

*Costs and responsibilities of sculptor and client

2. Once the client has decided to move forward with sculpture,a contract is drawn up by Franco Castelluccio Fine Art and  signed by client and Franco. Once the contract is signed and the first deposit has been received,  the process begins.

3.If the client is available, Franco will meet with subject of commission.

The meeting will entail the following:

*Photographs -extensive photographs of pose and details of face, hands, feet, body(for portrait sculptures)

*Measurements -extensive measurements are taken of face and body

*Clothes are gathered that the client desires to be used in sculpture- shirt, pants, shoes, socks belt, jewelry, hair accessories, or any other object worn by subject and to be used in sculpture.


4. If the subject is not available for personal sessions with Franco (ex. deceased), the client is responsible for producing the following:

*Photos- any and all photos are necessary for Franco to use in sculpting(for portrait sculptures)

*Body type and/or measurements and information -the clients should assist Franco in finding a similar body type to use as a body model or provide height, weight ], and any other specifics.

*The client is welcome to visit the studio at any time during production, and their presence and suggestions usually prove valuable and helpful.

5. After the first session or receipt of information, Franco Castelluccio will begin creating the clay original. If the subject of the portrait sculpture  is available, it is preferred that Franco have 1 (one) to 3 (three) more sessions with subject during the creation of the clay.

6. Once the original portrait sculpture in  clay has been created, the client will approve the original before it is molded and the bronze casting process begins. A second deposit is due from client upon approval.

7. The original clay is molded and casting process begins. This process takes approximately 4 (four) to 6 (six) months.

8. Once the bronze sculpture has been completed, it is prepared for shipping and arrangements are made for delivery to site. The client is responsible for preparing the site for delivery and installation, and shipping charges incurred in delivery. Some, but not all preparations include:

*Ground prep- ex. leveling, grass musch, gravel etc

*Base construction and installation - ES. concrete with rebar and facing (brick, brushed concrete,granite) of client's choosing

*Plaque preparation and installation if not included


*For larger sculptures, other items are necessary for installation- ex. Forklift or boom truck, core drill, epoxy

9. Final payment is due from client once sculpture is crated and en route.

Note- Franco and / or a studio representative is available for consultation on the site preparation, base preparation, delivery and installation. If desired, the client should arrange and incur costs for Franco to be present at any and all necessary times.

Please contact Franco directly with any questions you may have:  407.435.6827