"Indomitable Will"

"Strength does not come from physical capacity- it comes from an Indomitable will-     M. Gandhi   (36" H w / 50" base)



"Indomitable Will"


"Summer Wind"           
Memories on a summer breeze, a cool mist on a summer night, the summer wind that seemed upon her neck to be so light.     (36"H 27"W 36"D)    



"Luciano Pavarotti"  (scene from "Il Pagliacci") 






 "Genesis"  (The First Temptation - 30" H) 



Hannibal -"Victory at Cannae" 44" 

           "Carthaginian General Hannibal Barca"  (The Battle at Cannae - 44"H)



 "Nympheum"  (14" H 23" W)



"The Rape of the Sabine Women"



The Rape of the Sabine Women -Bronze

"The Rape of the Sabine Women"

"Lady Liberty Summons Justice to Weigh the Price of Peace" 

The First Task of Hercules-20" Height -Bronze - Edition of 20

The First Task of Heracles-alternate view 

The First Task of Heracles -alternate view